Throughout its history, the firm has played an important role in helping its clients achieve their legislative objectives.

Sherman Dunn has a long history of helping its clients achieve their policy objectives through the legislative process. Beginning with founder Louis Sherman’s critical involvement in crafting the construction industry amendments to the National Labor Relations Act, and continuing through our present efforts to ensure prevailing wage protections in federally financed and assisted construction projects, Sherman Dunn has played an active role in drafting legislation and advising our clients on all aspects of the process. Our role includes proposing a legislative vehicle for accomplishing our clients’ goals and policy objectives, drafting language effectuating those goals and objectives, and providing counsel during the give and take of the legislative process.

Our legislative activities have included:

  • Crafting Section 8(f) and the construction industry proviso to Section 8(e) of the Labor Management Relations Act;
  • Efforts to overturn restrictions on common situs picketing;
  • Efforts to restructure the telecommunications industry;
  • Efforts to restrict double-breasted contracting in the construction industry;
  • Efforts to ensure fair compensation for victims of occupational asbestos exposure;
  • Resisting efforts to limit organizing in the construction industry; and
  • Ensuring labor standards are met on a wide range of publicly financed and publicly assisted construction projects.