The firm has successfully guided its clients through every obstacle associated with internal union affairs, including member lawsuits and Department of Labor audits.

The operation of a labor organization presents union officials with many difficult tasks. They must navigate their way through a series of complex laws and regulations, respond to a sometimes hostile Department of Labor and defend themselves from legal challenges that may come from their own members. Union officials may face government audits, election protests and member lawsuits.

Sherman Dunn has successfully guided its union clients through each and every legal obstacle associated with the internal operation of a labor organization. We have successfully steered our clients through Department of Labor audits and successfully defended our clients from lawsuits filed by union members under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act and other laws. Day in and day out we offer our clients careful advice on how lawfully to impose union discipline and trusteeships when such actions are deemed necessary, how to comply with the reporting requirements imposed by federal law on unions and union officials, and how to fulfill the fiduciary obligations imposed on union officers. Our goal is always to avoid litigation when possible, but to prevail in litigation when necessary.